Friday, August 28, 2009

A Lot Of Food Just For Me

I kind of overdid it this week. I'm used to cooking for two for a whole week. This week Husband was out of town, so it was just me...and I basically made enough food for two of me (though definitely not enough for me and Husband). I made it simple with wraps and sandwiches with some more interesting than usual veggies on the side. Here's what I ate this week:
  • I made this whole wheat bread, courtesy of Not Martha, again. I made it a few weeks ago, if you'll recall. It really is my go-to recipe now, I think. So simple, so delicious.
  • I used the bread to make sandwiches that were kind of a shrimp salad. I sauteed some shrimp and added some chives and Greek-style yogurt (in place of mayo). It turned out...just ok. It didn't wow me. The shrimp didn't taste that fresh, unfortunately. I probably wouldn't make this again.
  • Baked falafel, courtesy of Chow Vegan. I bought some whole wheat tortillas and layered them with some mache (my new love), tomato, and avocado. I also spread on some homemade tzatziki (mixed some Greek-style yogurt with chopped cucumber and fresh lemon juice - simple!). This turned out really delicious. The falafels had some trouble staying together, but that didn't affect the flavor. Seriously flavorful and spicy!
  • The other wraps I made this week involved tuna, courtesy of Food Network. I don't usually like tuna without mayo (or something creamy at least), but this was actually very good. A little boring, but I would make it again if I was in the mood for something easy and healthy that didn't involve any actual cooking.
  • I went a little different with my veggies this week. First I tried this roasted and pureed cauliflower, courtesy of Food Network. I have to admit that I used 1% milk because I didn't have whole. I didn't miss it. The dish turned out surprisingly creamy and delicious. Who knew cauliflower could carry so much with just a pinch of fat added?
  • My favorite dish of the week was this broccoli, white bean, and cheddar soup, courtesy of Food Network. Another recipe that surprised me. I'm loving me them white beans lately! They add so much and cost me so little (in terms of fatty fatty fat fat, I mean). This soup was so freaking delicious. And I used the 2% milk cheese, so it was even healthier. Woohoo! I couldn't believe it. Seriously. It's fantastic. And deceptively filling. And with some buttered toast made from the whole wheat bread I made to dip in it? Mmmmmm....
  • And, of course, my muffins. So good.
I found some recipes I'll definitely be making again. Maybe I'll even share with Husband this time. I'm glad I ended up going a pretty healthy route this week. I didn't need feelings of fattiness guilt dampening my already damp week. Instead, I'm feeling good. I found out while messing around in my closet last night that not only am I able to fit into my senior prom dress again. I am also able to fit into a dress I wore to my Uncle's wedding, which I'm pretty sure was my junior year. Why do I still own these dresses? I have no idea. I didn't even know I did until I found them while rummaging through my closet. But it sure is a confidence booster!

I guess since my income is in jeopardy, we'll be having to start pinching our pennies. Unfortunately, one of the few places we're going to be able to do that is the food bill. I'll have to rethink my uberly-overpriced Greek-style yogurt. I'll have to give up my support of organic dairy farmers in favor of the man and his cheaper offerings. I already try to stick with seasonal foods, but I'll have to learn to be more flexible with my recipes to include fruits and vegetables that are on sale. And baking is probably out. I'll still try and steer clear of prepared foods. While Easy Mac is both economical and sinfully delicious, I won't be fitting into ten year old prom dresses with that on my diet. *sigh*


Diana Mo' said...

dude, i think that was your FRESHMAN year of HS. i was a freshman in college. i'm pretty sure anyway. maybe i was a sophmore. DEFINITELY not a jr though.

JuLo said...

I didn't have a freshman year of high school, remember? I started HS in 10th grade, just like you. :p So it would have been sophomore year at the earliest. I definitely didn't look as good in it as the first time I wore it, but still. I could get it on! Hehe.