Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two New Things

I accidentally stumbled onto a New Year's Resolution that I didn't even mean to make, but that I am totally loving and moving forward with full steam. Every month I do try two new things: something out and about where I live, and a meal out at a new restaurant. At the end of the year I will have tried 12 new things to do around the city, and hopefully eaten 12 awesome meals! This is preferably with Husband, but as he's been out of town so much, I'm not letting him slow me down! With the out and about part anyway. He refuses to miss the food portion of our journey.

In January we tried an eatery we saw on that Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. It was so awesome we've already been back a second time (and it's really far away!). For our outing we jogged together around a lake. Ok, we'd done that before, but never together, and we had some much needed us time.

In February we spent Valentine's day at a restaurant we'd both been to before, but not in several years. We had blacklisted it for years because we hated the snooty attitude we experienced there when we were young, lowly college students. But we decided to give the place another try and loved it. Our older, more experienced palettes could better appreciate just how good the food was, and our server was awesome. Either the snoot is gone, or we're just old enough not to warrant it. For the outing I hiked (which I posted about on my dog blog) a local mountain I never even knew was there. And because I'm a dork who likes extra credit, last weekend Husband and I went to an Italian place we drive by several times a week (it's right by Theo's doggy daycare!) but had never been to. We went with some neighbors of ours who are fellow Corgi owners. We also checked out a walking trail that's right across the street from our housing complex we had no idea was there. It's not as good as the other walking trails in the neighborhood, but in light of recent local events, those weren't available last weekend.

What's in store for March? There's a restaurant that opened early last year that we've been meaning to try, well, since it opened! This is the month we're finally getting off our butts to do it! And I'm hoping to get out to the desert to see some wild flowers this weekend, but the scheduling is tough, so I'm not sure if it'll work out. If it doesn't, well I just have no idea what I'll be doing. But I figure there are museums and parks to check out, botanical gardens, strawberry picking, and heck there are always more lakes to walk around and more mountains to climb.

Really, it's for fun, so there are no hard and fast rules. The intent is to get out and do things. It doesn't have to be new so much as special and eventful.

Anyone have an suggestions for general out and about activities? I still have ten to go!


Diana Mo' said...

"recent local events?" creepy.

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