Wednesday, September 23, 2009

But Boy Is It Tasty!

Ratatouille. Besides being a mildly entertaining Disney movie (there, I got that reference out of the way, now let's talk strictly food, people), it is also a vegetable side dish. It ain't pretty, it sounds boring, but boy is it tasty! What is it exactly? It's basically just vegetables, cut up, then roasted, then cooked until they are falling apart, with a little oil and herbs thrown in for flavor. Like I said, sounds boring. But it's all about what veggies you use and what you do with them. I always take that for granted when reading a recipe. It's amazing the flavor you get with various cooking techniques. Just saying.

I was out of town until Sunday night, in Virginia, for my sister's baby shower. It was so much fun!!! But it didn't leave me much time for cooking. Did I mention my awesome sister gave me a Martha Stewart tome cookbook? This one. Yeah, she missed the part where the concept of being showered isn't that you buy presents for the people throwing you the party. Psh.

Anyway, late late Sunday night I ended up banging out one dish. That's right, ratatouille. I probably should have gone for something that didn't involve broiling and roasting and cooking all in one dish, so I could have been done before 11pm. But that's how I roll. I used this recipe from The Kitchn. I took their suggestion and roasted the tomatoes under the broiler before I cooked them, and I think that worked out really nicely. I was on an I'm-really-not-into-eggplant kick for awhile, which I have recently gotten over, and boy was the eggplant in this good! If I wasn't over it already, I would have been after this. As I said, it's amazingly flavorful for being so simple. Boring it is definitely not. And it's healthy too! Seriously it has 2TB of olive oil and that's it, and I 1 1/2ed the recipe, so it's like a million servings. Which means I can eat as much of it as I want. Another plus! The eggplant...the zucchini...the onions...oh man. It all meshes together so deliciously. You gotta try this one. It sounds like a lot of steps, but it was pretty easy. I even accidentally skipped the squeezing the extra water out of the eggplant part, and didn't even notice the difference.

What else am I eating all week? Sandwiches. Bleck! Not the most entertaining foods, but they are easy and relatively healthy. And salads for dinner, again, easy and healthy. And maybe some muffins and scones left over from the baby shower that I smuggled home in my suitcase...

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