Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Like Grandma Used To Make

Last weekend at the farmers market I found some great looking swiss chard, so I decided to try this recipe for barley and lentil soup with swiss chard I had been eying for a few weeks.

Another nice and easy recipe (gimme a break, I'm just starting). It wasn't quite drop and simmer, but it was pretty close to that. I was actually surprised by how unbelievably delicious this soup was! It was close to the Progresso lentil soups I had all the time growing up, only ten times better of course. I just mean the flavors were similar...the lentils, the chard, and the spices.

But it was the barley that made this soup for me. I took a bite and instantly thought of my grandmother. Growing up she always had a pot of soup simmering on the stove. A few piece of beef here, a few carrots there. Her soups were always very hodge podge and always amazing. And they often had barley in them! She is the only person I've known who put barley in her soups, but really, it's a great addition. I loved eating this delicious soup and feeling like I had a connection back to my grandmother. I think she would have really liked this soup, but, you know, with some meat in it.

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